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Great school. The hands on work was a great experience. Everyone there had a good friendly attitude…I would recommend.
Kyle, S.
I would like to thank you for all your help these past few months. I am very pleased to inform you of the job I was offered and accepted with Borton Contractors. They are located in Hutchinson KS., and I will be working in Port Sulphur, LA. Thank you.
Virgil N.
I would like you to know that today was my first day of work. I got hired as a crane operator at the AEP Mitchel power plant. I am working for the Bowen construction Co. I was hired out of the Wheeling Operating Engineers Union Hall. Tell Fred that his schooling really paid off. And tell the boys hey, and thanks for the knowledge. I am starting out at 30.92 a hr. How about that? Thank You,
Tony S.
I got the job at Ace Iron and Metal as an operator. Thanks for the lead. Seems be a good job so far…good pay and everything I was looking for. Thanks for everything again and keep in touch.
Jason S.
I went to the operator engineers local 132 union hall in Wheeling, WV last Friday and they put me straight to work. I started work today for URS in Moundsville operating a 40ton Grove. I would recommend any student that needs help finding work to consider the union. They are starting me out at $33.66/hr. Thanks for all of your help
Frank F.
Thank you so much Rich! It looks like I am going to start working Monday operating a carry deck 40 ton. It’s a URS job. My brother may be going too. We will know later today. It’s supposed to be fairly long-term!
Billie C.
I got hired today by a Construction company with full benefits. Your polished resume did the trick. Sent it one day and was hired two days later. Rising up out of the ashes thanks to you guys. This particular project lasts for 8 more months and I was told I go to the next one if I choose to.
Mike G.
Two weeks out of school and I have landed my job. I started yesterday for an excavation company and I couldn’t believe how quick everything clicked. I got right into a hoe my first day, moving pipe around, back filling trenches. They had me looking at prints and helping mark sanitary lines. I felt like a true team player. By midday they had taken two laborers off the site and left me and operator and a pipe layer. I assisted in every aspect of laying the line; right down to jumping in the sanitary hole to bore a hole for the new line. Thank you for everything that you have taught me and those little tips helped. Things are looking up and hope that everything works out. I learned a lot and won’t forget the mud. Thanks again!
Tim B.
Thank you for all the help. I finally got my job a month ago from the email you sent me. Didn’t want to reply until I made sure this was the one and it is. I’m now employed at Martin Marietta Materials and here to stay. I’m still in training as a loader operator real fun stuff I don’t think I would of got hired they needed a year experienced but I showed them my certificate and told them to give me a shot. Without PTS I don’t think I would have had the chance! Thanks again y’all take care.
Jorge V.
Hi Rich, I was hired full time permanent at ODOT this week. I’m planning to stay here the rest of my career. Thanks for all the job leads that you sent me.
Dave S.

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