10077 Jacksontown Rd., Thornville, OH 43076

PTS is finishing construction of a new Central Ohio facility that will better serve all our students. Learn More

A New Heavy Equipment Operator Facility Will Help Us Better Serve Students

For more than a decade, Performance Training Solutions (PTS) has provided the training needed for students to become certified or credentialed heavy equipment and crane operators. At PTS, the training you need to pursue employment in these industries can be completed in just three weeks! With a high job placement rate for graduates and refresher training and career assistance available after you graduate, PTS is committed to supporting your long-term success.

As further proof of that commitment PTS has developed and built another Central Ohio training facility. Located at 10077 Jacksontown Rd., Thornville, OH 43076, our new home features 5,400 square feet of space in the facility and 15+ acres of training grounds that will make teaching students easier and more engaging than ever before.

While our new heavy equipment training facility is still a work in progress, we are accepting students for our training courses at the new location. If you’ve already enrolled in a training course or are in the middle of one, your training will be completed either at the current location (in Columbus, Ohio) or new facility. You will not split your training time between both locations.

PTS will have a ‘Grand Opening’ of the new facility later this spring. Until then, we’re eager to show our new environment off to our upcoming classes. We’re proud of what we’ve built at PTS, and we’re excited to showcase what’s to come!

Contact us today to learn more about our training programs, our new heavy equipment operator facility and how scheduling an on-site tour lands you a $500 tuition reduction scholarship.

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