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Start Building a Career with Construction Operator Training

Construction is one of the largest and most vital industries in the U.S. From building new homes, to industrial facilities, medical centers, production plants, and much more, construction is always needed for progress.

At Performance Training Solutions (PTS), we recognized long ago the need for quality instruction to ensure the job sites of today and tomorrow have the trained professionals in place to keep the country moving forward. Our construction operator training programs allow you to start an exciting new career in heavy equipment and crane operations faster, for less money, and with more job prospects.

Construction operator training through our credentialed programs gives you the foundation to pursue employment opportunities on a variety of equipment. At PTS, we’ll support you in obtaining funding for heavy equipment or crane operator training and will walk you through the process step by step.

Courses Available for Construction Operator Training

PTS offers three, 120-clock-hour (3 weeks) courses covering a variety of heavy equipment types. Training is held on-site at our Central Ohio facility, and you’ll be required to stay locally to complete your training. While food and lodging aren’t included in tuition, the short training duration and practical experience you’ll gain makes it all worthwhile, especially when you’ll be able to start earning a strong income in your new career. We offer the following courses:

Key Resources

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Why Get Training at PTS?

By getting construction operator training at PTS, you’ll have the necessary credentials or certification needed to explore and secure jobs that need heavy equipment operators, enabling you to fill a much-needed role in the job market and provide for your family.

After you’ve graduated, we’ll always be available to provide career assistance whenever needed, including having you back to our facility for a refresher on our equipment to brush up your skills.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about training and how you can get a $500 tuition reduction scholarship.