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PTS Serves Students Across the Midwest and Beyond

The midwestern part of the United States is well known for being heavily involved in manufacturing and industrial business, and so it has plenty of available job opportunities in these areas. Most of these job opportunities don’t require a college education or a degree. But they do require individuals to have the proper training and certifications. Luckily for you, PTS can provide individuals in this part of the country the proper training and certifications that employers in these fields are looking for. Located in Columbus, Ohio, PTS is the closest heavy equipment training operator school for many individuals in the Midwest.

How PTS Can Serve You

At Performance Training Solutions, we offer accelerated training on up to 10 types of heavy construction equipment as well as mobile hydraulic telescopic cranes. Unlike pursuing a college education, we offer accelerated training that can be completed in as few as three, six or nine weeks. Additionally, you will earn nationally recognized credentials and/or certifications that open the door to plenty of job opportunities and the opportunity to improve your financial outlook.
PTS offers three, three-week-long courses. Students are taught how to operate up to 10 different types of equipment in Heavy Equipment Operator I and Heavy Equipment Operator II and Mobile Hydraulic Telescopic Crane in the Mobile Crane Operations program. Each three-week program is a commitment of 120 hours and requires you to stay local until completion. It’s important to make preparations with your family for this time while you’ll be in training. Students are responsible for their own food and lodging for the duration of the course.

By training with PTS, you’ll have the opportunity to be credentialed and/or certified in as little as a few weeks, opening up your list of job opportunities. Employers in this field are constantly searching for candidates who fit the qualifications you develop over the course of our training program.

Options for Financing

Students interested in training through Performance Training Solutions may be eligible for financial assistance. PTS offers different scholarships to students along with financing options for eligible individuals.

We strive to make it easy and affordable for all that are interested in receiving training. There are also different state and federal grants that individuals may be eligible for that can be used to pay for training. Examples of some of these programs are the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), Tribal Education (BIA), WIOA Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Vocational Rehabilitation and Veteran’s Benefits (VA), Department of Workforce Development, and Displaced Workers, Displaced Farmers.

Let’s Get Started

Does heavy equipment operator training sound like something you’re interested in? Schedule a tour with us and find out. Or contact us today if you have any additional questions.