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demand for heavy equipment operators

When deciding on a career path, considering job security and competitive pay are important. Demand for workers plays a role in both of these considerations because the higher the demand is for a certain occupation or career, the better the pay will be and the more job security you will have.  

The construction industry offers both competitive pay and job security thanks to the increased demand for construction workers. With the need for housing and commercial real estate spaces increasing steadily, the construction industry is expected to continue to grow. This growth is creating higher demand for heavy equipment operators. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a growth in the construction career field to increase at a rate of 5% through 2031.  

There are many reasons for the increase in demand for heavy equipment operators and many benefits to entering the industry. If you are ready to get started on your construction career, contact our team today

What is Driving the Demand for Heavy Equipment Operators? 

Labor Shortage

While there have been reports of labor shortages in many industries, it is particularly true for the construction industry.  

The problem is that many construction workers are part of the Baby Boomer generation, and are starting to retire. Baby Boomers account for more than 40% of construction workers, meaning that more than 40% of construction workers have already retired or are going to retire soon.  

This gap in experienced and qualified workers caused by the Baby Boomers retiring is causing the demand for trained construction workers and heavy equipment operators to increase sharply.

Infrastructure Construction

Over time, roadways, bridges, highways, and other government properties start to break down. We are starting to see the introduction of more and more bills introduced by local and federal governments aiming to repair rundown infrastructure, like these highways and bridges.  

As these bills are introduced and infrastructure construction is set to begin, skilled and trained construction workers and heavy equipment operators are needed. The more infrastructure construction projects that are approved, the more demand there is for trained heavy equipment operators.

Housing Demand

Private housing developers are continuing to see a sharp increase in demand for new housing builds even with supply chain delays and shortages. This makes the need for skilled heavy equipment operators and construction workers skyrocket. They need people who are trained to complete a high-quality job in a tight timeframe to offset the wait times for supplies.  

Sustainable Projects

Taking care of the environment is becoming increasingly important, and ‘green’ buildings are becoming more and more popular. Old and outdated buildings are being replaced or overhauled with eco-friendly building materials, modern designs and eco-friendly materials and construction methods. Trained professionals are in high demand in these industries, as more projects are starting. 

Benefits of Heavy Equipment Training

The construction industry is growing and will continue to grow for years to come.  With this growth, the demand for skilled workers will also increase. If you are interested in working in construction, here are a few of the things you will gain from heavy equipment training.

Industry Options

When you complete your training, you will have opportunities in many industries. With your skills, you will be able to choose between working in the construction industry, the mining industry, or you could even choose to be self-employed. 

Specialization Options

You can specialize in one particular piece of equipment, or you can gain a general knowledge of a range of equipment. Either way, you will walk away with the skills needed to land a job in the industry of your choice. 

Competitive Pay

Recent data shows that skilled, trained heavy equipment operators have a median salary of $65,657 yearly. The median salary range of all heavy equipment operator jobs was from $54,889 to $74,493.  

While there are pay differences between specialization and industry, it is important to note that the more training and experience you have, the more you will make. At PTS, our training offers a great jumping-off point for anyone interested in joining the industry.  

No Need for a Costly College Education

Attending a four-year college is extremely expensive. The average cost of attending college for all four years is $104,108 for in-state students and $108,364 for out-of-state students.  

Professional heavy equipment training is a much more affordable option that will still give you many opportunities to make a good living.  

PTS can direct applicants to a number of state and federal grant sources to pay for the training programs. These programs are typically applicable to veterans, unemployed/underemployed individuals, and those with disabilities.   

Get Started on Your Heavy Equipment Operating Career with PTS

At Performance Training Solutions, we have helped individuals start their heavy equipment operating careers for over 10 years. We specialize in the construction and mining industries, providing training that you can complete in just three weeks so you can get to work.  

There is no need to wait to enroll either. Our training offerings start new classes every three weeks throughout the year, allowing you to start work as soon as possible.  

We also offer training for businesses. OSHA requires specific training to be completed by heavy equipment operators, so it is important for businesses to make sure their employees have the proper training. At PTS, we are happy to work with you to make sure your employees have the training they need to stay safe.  

If you are interested in becoming a heavy equipment operator, or if you need training for your business, contact our team today.

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