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mobile crane operator salary

Mobile crane operators are essential to various industries, including construction, manufacturing, energy, and mining. Crane operators are trained to move heavy materials and structures on job sites or in factories. With all the training crane operators go through, they have a highly competitive salary. As of July 2023, the average mobile crane operator salary is $51,662, and it can range anywhere from $43,864 to $61,117

With demand for mobile crane operators continuing to grow, this average may increase. As the population and economy grow, so will this demand. New housing, shopping centers, and roads will be needed at a rapid rate, meaning construction workers and heavy equipment operators will be in very high demand.  

What is the Demand for Mobile Crane Operators? 

It is estimated that the crane operator job market will grow by 8.5% from 2016 to 2026. The increasing demand for this profession is thanks to many different factors. From the population to the need for green buildings, there are numerous things that are driving the need for more crane operators:  

Growing Population

The population all over the country will continue to grow. And as it grows, the need for residential, commercial, and public infrastructure will grow as well. The need for new homes, apartment complexes, roads, and so much more drives high demand for crane operators.

As the population grows, the need for more energy will increase as well. More housing and other types of buildings mean there will be a greater need for all types of energy. Properly moving heavy materials, objects, and machinery around an energy project is important to completing the project while keeping everyone safe.     

Growing Economy

More and more crane operators will be needed as the economy grows. Demand for commercial, residential, and public construction projects increases as the economy booms.  This means that more crane operators will be needed to safely move materials and structures around these job sites.   

Infrastructure Maintenance and Rebuilds

Highways, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure continue to age. As they get older, require more maintenance to make sure they are still safe and functional. Also, with the growing population, more infrastructure is needed, meaning more construction jobs. 

The popularity of clean energy and green buildings is also growing. Companies want to give their old buildings a more modern look while making sure they are using green energy and building materials. These businesses are turning to construction companies to rebuild or renovate their office spaces. 

Increase in Shipping and Manufacturing

Mobile crane operators aren’t just needed for the construction and mining industries. Manufacturing and shipping companies also need crane operators to move heavy products and product loads to different places within the factory. They are also needed to move heavy shipments around the loading dock and onto trucks or into containers.  

How to Become a Mobile Crane Operator with Performance Training Solutions 

After you get your GED or graduate from high school, you just need to make sure you meet the physical requirements set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and enroll in an NCCCO-accredited training program like the one offered at Performance Training Solutions.

Our crane operator training program at PTS helps prepare individuals to operate swing and fixed cab mobile hydraulic cranes properly. In just three weeks, you will learn about the various types of cranes, their uses, and your new career opportunities. After that, you will sit for the NCCCO exam. That’s it. Then you can start making anywhere from $43,864 to $61,117 a year with your new career! If you want to learn more about the process, check out our blog about how to become a crane operator or contact our team with any questions. 

If you are ready to get started, schedule a tour today for a $500 tuition reduction.

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