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One of the lessons learned during 2020 is perhaps there’s not enough value prescribed toward stability. The current calendar year has been marked by one turbulent month after another. The coronavirus pandemic continues to alter most aspects of daily life across the country. Wildfires ravage the west coast, hurricanes batter the southern states, and civil unrest is found throughout the entire country. The job market shrank dramatically in the spring, and now seasonal changes may further affect the outlook in the Midwest. If you’re looking to get back on solid ground and find a way to ensure a productive career, heavy equipment training can offer you a way back to stability.

Despite the damages from the weather, the changing seasons, and the unsure nature of just about everything at the moment, you can be sure of one thing: builders will still be needed.

And heavy equipment operators will remain a steady backbone of that industry. Whether it’s improving infrastructure projects, rebuilding damaged homes and property, hauling goods and materials to where they’re needed, or mining the raw materials to rebuild, heavy equipment operators will be needed in the future to make sure all the jobs get done.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that jobs for heavy equipment operators would grow by at least four percent between 2019 and 2029 — a rate equal to the average compared to all other occupations.

With an average median pay well above $40,000 for even first-year operators, heavy equipment training offers a path to a dependable job that is accessible to most, quick to shift into, and stable enough to be counted on to provide for you and your family.

Why PTS Training Courses Can Work For You

Performance Training Solutions knows what works when it comes to heavy equipment training. You expect a quality experience that will provide the fundamental knowledge needed for entry-level employment, and the credentials and/or certifications that will show potential employers what you have learned and the types of equipment you are qualified to operate.

At Performance Training Solutions, students will receive all of that in a condensed, efficient setting. Our training courses last only three weeks — 120 hours of commitment — with more than half of that time spent with in-the-seat training. At PTS, you will be operating real equipment — not simulators.

While lodging and meals are not covered by your course tuition, the overall price and time commitment is far less than you could expect to pay for a semester at a university or a two-year community college degree.

The courses are accessible, too — ninth-grade level reading, math, and comprehension skills apply to the NCCER course curriculum, and a combination of textbooks, visual presentations, and models will be used in the classroom environment.

With small class sizes, accessible material, practical hands-on training, and quick courses, students at Performance Training Solutions can quickly adjust and prepare for a changing job market. And once complete, students will be able to potentially start earning a strong salary quickly. The average median salary for a newly-minted heavy equipment operator is more than $40,000 per year according to Salary.com.

Multiple Options for a New Future

At Performance Training Solutions, we offer hands-on training and education with nearly a dozen different classes of machinery to give you the versatility needed to find stability in the job market. Our trio of training courses will prepare you for virtually any kind of on-site equipment.

Our Heavy Equipment Operator 1 course will give you the knowledge and skills needed to begin working in the construction industry as a skid steer, wheel loader, compactor, backhoe, or articulated off-road dump truck operator. You’ll also receive information on earthmoving, soils, operational techniques, and heavy equipment safety.

The Heavy Equipment Operator 2 course follows up the entry-level training and provides students the experience needed to learn to work with bulldozers, excavators, scrapers, and motor graders. Students will also learn about excavation math, finishing, and grading.

Performance Training Solutions also offers a Mobile Crane Operations course, where students will learn to work with both mobile hydraulic telescopic boom swing-cab and fixed-cab cranes. You’ll also pick up your vital NCCCO certification as a crane operator.

Take the First Step with Heavy Equipment Training with PTS

As one of the top training schools in the country, Performance Training Solutions is a heavy equipment operator school located in Columbus, Ohio. Our team of experienced trainers, admissions personnel, and career representatives will help you succeed in your search for heavy equipment training and the benefits that will follow.

Performance Training Solutions will help you get results, as proven by our 90 percent job placement rate for course graduates. With multiple heavy equipment operator and crane courses to choose from, you will have options and opportunities moving forward.

If you’d like to learn more about Performance Training Solutions, contact us today. And be sure to ask how you can earn $500 off your tuition by scheduling a tour!

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