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Plotting what’s next is easier with the blueprint afforded by education centered around proven employment options.

Figuring out what to do next is always a top concern for veterans as the end of their Military Service Obligation (MSO) nears. Finding the best jobs after the military becomes a primary focus for many as they start to navigate back to civilian life.

Most veterans leave their branch of service molded by years of commitment that have developed a specialized toolkit or set of skills that sets them apart as valuable additions to any team or organization. Parlaying these skills and attributes — such as discipline, a strong work ethic, and the ability to perform as part of a team — make veteran desirable employees for any number of potential careers and jobs after their service.

Becoming a heavy equipment operator has long served veterans as one of the best jobs after the military, particularly for those who do not have a college degree. The benefits of pursuing training in this field open up a vast array of jobs in the construction, transportation, and mining sectors (among many others) and come with other effects that make it an ideal choice for many post-military personnel:

All the benefits associated with heavy equipment operators also go to those who receive the necessary training and instruction to become crane operators as well. It’s clear that the kind of training offered at PTS is essential when plotting out some of the best jobs after the military.

How does PTS serve veterans? Learn more about our 90% job placement rate here.

Benefits Aid in Paying for Training

While lining up the best jobs after the military is a primary task for veterans, using earned benefits to ease the ability in acquiring the necessary training for those jobs is another key factor to consider.

By enrolling in their respective branch’s transition assistance program (TAP), veterans can learn more about potential funding solutions available to them while also brushing up on resume and interview skills. Other VA benefits include education and job training programs, healthcare, home loan assistance, and more.

As a Military Friendly® school, Performance Training Solutions is committed to doing everything possible to help eligible veterans use the benefits they’ve earned. We’ll work with you to secure benefits funding for our training programs if you’re eligible.

Some of the benefits include the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, which provides a stipend for textbooks and supplies, a monthly housing allowance for up to 36 months, and payment for tuition and fees. There’s also the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) Program, available to veterans with a service-connected disability or family members of service members and veterans with disabilities. National Guard and Military Reserve members may also be eligible for both programs and should inquire about their eligibility.

Our central location makes training accessible. We provide the Midwest and much of the East Coast with the opportunity for training.

Training at PTS Helps Veterans Acquire the Best Jobs After the Military

Performance Training Solutions offers a pair of three-week, 120-hour courses that provide the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment as an NCCER-credentialed heavy equipment operator. The training, once complete, will open up potential employment across a wide variety of industries, from construction and road-building to mining, forestry, agriculture, and more. A three-week training course on the operation of cranes is also available.

With each course lasting just three weeks, new classes are available every month. This means you’ll never have to wait long for a spot in our program, if at all. Here’s a snapshot of the two heavy equipment courses offered at PTS.

  • Heavy Equipment Operator 1 is an entry-level course and covers the knowledge and skills required to obtain employment as a skid steer, wheel loader, compactor, backhoe, or articulated off-road dump truck operator.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator 2 follows up on that initial training and opens the door to employment as an operator for bulldozers, scrapers, excavators, and motor graders. Completion of HE Operator 1 is needed to take HE Operator 2.

Much of the training involved in the course will take place with you in the seat of actual machinery. More than half of your total training time will be spent in the seat as you apply information obtained in the classroom in the field. All staff members are also subject to Continuing Education Requirements as set forth by the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools.

Connect with PTS today and learn how our training programs can lead to some of the best jobs after the military. Schedule a free tour for a $500 tuition discount, or sign up for a spot in the next course.


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