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crane operator school

The decision to attend crane operator school could potentially serve many people well — whether they be new high school graduates, recently released military veterans, or simply individuals looking for a change in careers to better provide for themselves and their families.

Whatever your circumstances for wanting to find more stable and financially rewarding work, becoming a crane operator is a terrific option to explore further. Demand in the industry has remained stable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and the projected job growth for crane operators — estimated at 8 percent through 2024 — is expected to increase dramatically with the resolution of the federal government’s proposed $2 trillion infrastructure bill.

With the country eager to bounce back and dig out of more than a year of dealing with the pandemic, many are looking for ways to embark on new ventures. Crane operator school can offer you an opportunity to take your first steps on a new career path or to switch lanes from a prior one.

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Here’s Why Crane Operator School Makes Sense

Compensation Opportunity

Crane operators remain, on average, among the best compensated in the entire heavy equipment operator family of occupations. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics through May 2020, crane operators earned a nationwide median salary of more than $59,000. Meanwhile, the median wage for all construction equipment operators reached $48,160. Top-end salaries for veteran and highly-experienced crane operators can approach $100,000 or more, and entry-level positions will still offer a strong initial earning capacity.

Speed of Training

A primary benefit of crane operator school is the quickness with which you can absorb the training and education needed to begin work. To become a crane operator you’ll need a high school diploma along with the proper certification and training and/or apprenticeships. What isn’t required is a four-year or two-year degree.

Certification remains necessary and a state-issued license is sometimes required. Many states will recognize the exams administered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) to satisfy those requirements. But your training and education can be completed in a matter of weeks — not months or years.

Demand Level/Variety

Crane operators remain in demand due in part to the variety of industries and job sites they’re needed in. Crane operators will have an assortment of opportunities, made more so if they elect to specialize in several different types of cranes — say tower cranes or mobile hydraulic versions, or fixed-cab versus swing-cab varieties. Also, the number of sites needing crane operators includes most construction-related tasks (from homes to skyscrapers), railway or shipping yard stations, mining operations, and various government infrastructure projects.

Completing crane operator school will open the door for more, and better, options for your future.

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PTS Provides Industry-leading Crane Training

The three-week, 120-hour crane operator course at Performance Training Solutions will provide you with everything you need to obtain entry-level employment as an NCCCO certified crane operator. Our mobile crane operator school program includes instruction for both Mobile Hydraulic Telescopic Boom Swing-Cab and Telescopic Boom Fixed-Cab cranes.

Small class sizes provide more one-on-one time between students and instructors, and the program includes a healthy combination of classroom and in-the-seat, practical instruction. Roughly half the course will involve training operating the machinery, while the other half will include topics such as the basic principles of cranes and crane safety, preventive maintenance, and basic rigging practices.

Even after completing the crane operator training course, you can count on PTS to continue to support your efforts. The Crane Prep & Test program is a refresher course designed for crane operators who have some working experience but have not yet achieved their initial certification, or for those who have been certified once before and need to complete an NCCCO Recertification Test before their five-year window closes.

If you’re unsure where to begin concerning the Prep & Test program, you can take this Crane Pre-Certification Quiz. It will be scored by our trained instructors, and you’ll receive the results via email. If you score 70 percent or higher on the quiz, you’ll be sent the appropriate NCCCO Candidate Application form and a payment authorization form for entry into the PTS Prep & Test program.

Prepare for a New Start with PTS

The team of veteran trainers and career representatives at Performance Training Solutions are committed to helping students succeed in reaching both their short-term and long-term goals. Recognized as one of the best heavy equipment and crane operator schools in the country, PTS offers an assortment of programs that will help launch you quickly into a new lucrative career.

For a first-hand look at our equipment, staff, and the program as a whole, schedule a tour of our facilities located in Columbus, Ohio. If you complete a tour, you’ll become eligible for a $500 Tuition Reduction Scholarship to go toward your tuition costs.

Contact Performance Training Solutions today to take your first steps on a new career path.

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