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nccco recertification test

In order to operate a crane above 2,000 pounds, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has ruled that operators need to either be certified by an accredited crane operator testing organization — most often that means the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) — or qualified through an audited employer program.

Being certified means you have displayed independently verified knowledge and skills and are a well-trained employee who knows how to execute your assigned duties as a crane operator. With certification, crane operators will have more consistent training and expanded job opportunities. This signals to potential employers that you represent a lower risk of accident or loss on the job site.

If you’ve already obtained NCCCO certification, you will at some point need to take an NCCCO Recertification Test as the original certification is valid for five years. Recertification candidates must complete all recertification requirements during the 12 months prior to their certification’s expiration date.

If you’re seeking your NCCCO certification for the first time, be aware that the process will consist of both written and practical exams. The written portion consists of a Core exam (general knowledge) and up to four crane specialty (load chart) examinations. Certification requires competency in both the core and one or more specialty components. The exam itself will feature 90 multiple-choice questions for the core and 26 more multiple-choice questions for each specialty component.

The practical exam allows operators to demonstrate proficiency in Telescopic Boom Cranes, either the Swing Cab (TLL) or Fixed Cab (TSS) variety. The practical portion is comprised of six main tasks that increase progressively in the skill level tested, including equipment inspection, hoisting, booming, swinging, following hand signals, and combination (multifunction) operations. Operating a crane with load, and without load, is required.

Where to Begin?

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to dive into immediate preparation for either the NCCCO certification or recertification tests, or if you need more substantial training and education in crane operation, Performance Training Solutions offers a free online quiz to help you gauge what you need next.

The purpose of the quiz is to offer both potential enrollees, and the instructors at PTS, an objective assessment of whether the candidate has acquired enough knowledge to successfully complete the Prep & Test program.

This Crane Pre-Certification Quiz will be scored by our trained instructors and the results will be sent you via email. Those who successfully complete the quiz — that is, score 70 percent or better — will be sent the appropriate NCCCO Candidate Application Written Exams form and a payment authorization form for entry into the PTS Prep & Test program.

Those who take the quiz and score below the 70 percent threshold will be directed to the specialized two-week or three-week training program.

PTS Offers a Streamlined NCCCO Recertification Test Program

If your current certification has not expired,  you can take advantage of Performance Training Solutions’ Crane Prep & Test program without worrying about the online pre-certification quiz.

The program is a three-day refresher course that will prepare you for the NCCCO core and specialty written exams. It will provide a classroom review detailing the legal standards and load chart practice tests to prepare crane operators seeking recertification. Any experienced crane operators, defined as one who typically operates a crane at least 500 hours per year, are eligible to enroll in the Crane Prep & Test program.

After successfully completing the NCCCO written recertification exams, the graduate will receive NCCCO recertification. The Prep & Test program tuition includes the NCCCO exam fees.

The Crane Prep & Test program is a refresher designed for crane operators who have some working experience but have not yet achieved their initial certification, or for those who have been certified once before and need to complete an NCCCO Recertification Test before their five-year window closes.

The program is not designed for those beginning their experience in crane operation.

Get Prepared for Your NCCCO Recertification Test

In less than a week, the PTS’ Crane Prep & Test program can have you brushed up on all the technical information you need to have confidence heading into your recertification program. If your experienced crane operators need either their initial NCCCO certification or recertification, PTS can help.

Seating for the program is limited!

Contact Rich Lee at 614-863-8830 to reserve your spot in our next scheduled program or for more information. If you’re interested in the wide variety of heavy equipment training we offer, schedule a free tour of our facilities (and receive a $500 tuition reduction scholarship for taking the tour!).

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