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Heavy equipment operator training offers attractive benefits to high school graduates.

Every spring millions of high school graduates begin looking for ways to build their future. For many — roughly 60% of all high school grads — that journey starts with college. But with the ever-increasing cost of four- and two-year institutions and the need to start earning a real income sooner, a rising number of young people are looking for alternatives to college after their high school career ends.

Exploring alternatives to college is more common, socially acceptable, and popular than ever before. A typical four-year degree used to monopolize the immediate goals for high school grads, but that is changing. Higher education continues to grow more expensive every passing year and the rapidly changing state of the economy and workforce have opened up opportunities for those looking to immediately start boosting their earning potential.

College can still be a wonderful and important experience for those who choose to pursue it. But for students with other interests or career goals, alternatives to college are becoming more common and more rewarding. For many, it comes down to simple economics: Gaining a traditional degree leaves more than 70% of college students in debt.

Trade programs, like heavy equipment operator training, give new high school graduates an alternative to college. Such programs are much quicker to finish, much more affordable than even two-year degrees, and help new grads begin earning supporting salaries much earlier in life. Let’s look at this career path closer.

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Alternatives to College Provide Advantages

Whether you’re considering a trade school, apprenticeship, military service, or another direction, there are many options available to high school graduates today. Most will provide benefits when compared to the time, cost, and effort involved in completing a four-year degree.

For example, at Performance Training Solutions our heavy equipment and crane operator programs give individuals from a wide range of backgrounds the tools they need to quickly start a new in-demand career. This applies especially to recent high school graduates who, by obtaining their HS diploma, have already completed one of the necessary requirements.

But when considering your future you should weigh all the benefits and disadvantages of each path. Is heavy equipment operator training worth it? We’ve detailed the case for it before, but let’s go through some additional advantages it provides for high school graduates.

Speed to Impact

Heavy equipment operator training offers one of the quickest paths to a rewarding job possible. Forget years or months; at PTS you can complete one of our operator training courses in just three weeks.

Our focused program is all about the knowledge you need to enter the workforce with a skill required across a wide range of industries. You won’t spend time on classroom work that doesn’t relate to your chosen career. You won’t be saddled with mastering topics that don’t relate to your work. Specialized training and small class sizes prepare you to enter the workforce quickly. You’ll be earning sooner, and growing your career long before you would have completed a traditional degree course of study.

Saving and Earning

Heavy equipment operator schools not only cost far less than traditional education tracks, but you also only need to pay it once — there’s no tuition bill year after year. Better yet, after the minimal time needed to complete your training, you’ll be equipped to begin earning family-supporting salaries in industries ranging from construction to mining, energy, agriculture, and more. As your experience grows, so will your salary.

In addition, PTS helps you tap into funding solutions to help pay for your initial training. For example, veterans can use benefits earned from the Post 9/11 GI Bill® program to help pay for tuition. Other state and federal grants may also be available according to your specific circumstances.

Career Assistance

At PTS, we’re proud of the job placement rate for graduates — around 90%. But our commitment to you doesn’t end after you graduate from our program. Ongoing career assistance is available for students long after they’ve graduated. We’ll provide the fundamental knowledge and ‘seat’ time you need for employment opportunities as a heavy equipment operator, and then remain available to help you stay on track.

In addition to industry-related training, PTS also provides soft skills training and resources to help you prepare for the employment hunt. In the event of a job change, graduates can also get a brief refresher on any piece of equipment on which they have trained and credentialed.

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Need Earning Alternatives to College? Start with PTS

College isn’t, and shouldn’t be, for everyone. We’re proud to offer an accessible, quick-to-complete, and cost-effective alternative to high school graduates looking to start a career and start earning a strong salary. With a new Central Ohio training facility, complete with an expanded training ground and more classroom space, we help our students with financing options and accelerated education to unlock a more rewarding career path.

Contact our team today and we will explore your options. If you’re ready, schedule a tour with us and save $500 on your tuition.

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