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construction equipment training

Building projects across the country offer in-demand jobs for trained professionals.

Construction equipment training offers a way to quickly shift careers into well-paying jobs essential in fueling a host of initiatives and programs across the country. Make no mistake, the need for professional heavy equipment operators has remained consistent despite the challenges in recent years stemming from the pandemic. Now, demand is increasing as federal government initiatives and other programs seek to jumpstart needed infrastructure projects and more.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job growth rate for heavy equipment operators should at least maintain a steady 5% clip for the next decade. But that projection doesn’t take into account several developments in recent months that are expected to drive up demand for those that have construction equipment training.

In late 2021, Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — a massive national investment in infrastructure projects across the country. Many types of projects — road building and repair, water line replacement, bridge construction and repair, and many more — were expected to be powered by the legislation. All of these rely on heavy equipment, and their operators, to see completion.

More recently, Congress passed the CHIPS Act, designed to supercharge national semiconductor production efforts. That legislation was the last element to fall into place for a massive $20 billion project from Intel, which includes the construction of two new microchip factories near Columbus, Ohio.

The Intel project is a clear example of how construction equipment training is going to remain critical in the years ahead. With a shortage in skilled labor affecting many industries, including construction, now is the time to invest in growing your skills to take advantage of these opportunities.

Our Central Ohio location makes training accessible. We provide the Midwest and much of the East Coast with the opportunity for training.

Construction Equipment Training Essentials

It’s important to remember that switching to a career operating heavy equipment is within reach for most due to several factors.

First, the speed at which required training can be completed and the accessibility of the program itself mean you can get to work quickly. For example, at Performance Training Solutions students receive all the instruction needed for NCCER credentials in only three weeks. The time and cost commitment are far less than if you were to pursue a community college or university degree. The courses are easy to digest as well, as ninth-grade level reading, math, and comprehension skills apply to the NCCER course curriculum.

Second, the requirements to become a construction equipment operator are simple and straightforward. The most important aspect is to prove you can safely operate equipment, and understand safety procedures, on a job site. This is reached by getting your NCCER credentials at the end of training; PTS offers training accredited by the NCCER. Beyond that, you’ll only need to be 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma (or equivalent), and have the necessary physical stamina and hand-eye coordination to operate the equipment for a full shift.

Want to learn more about construction equipment training, and what it offers? Review some of our insight about various aspects of the industry below:

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PTS Offers Opportunity with Construction Equipment Training

Performance Training Solutions is one of the finest heavy equipment operator schools in the country and is located in a major construction hotspot region in Central Ohio. We’re equipped to rapidly ramp up your knowledge and skills with a pair of focused three-week, 120-hour training courses that enable you to secure employment as an NCCER-credentialed heavy equipment operator. Once complete, the courses provide the foundation you need to operate construction equipment in a variety of industries.

New classes are available every month and at just three weeks in length, you never have to wait long for a spot in our proven program, if at all. Here’s a snapshot of the two heavy equipment courses offered at PTS. A three-week training course on the operation of cranes is also available.

  • Heavy Equipment Operator 1 is an entry-level course and covers the knowledge and skills required to obtain employment as a skid steer, wheel loader, compactor, backhoe, or articulated off-road dump truck operator.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator 2 follows up on that initial training and opens the door to employment as an operator for bulldozers, scrapers, excavators, and motor graders. Completion of HE Operator 1 is needed to take HE Operator 2.

All of our PTS staff members are subject to Continuing Education Requirements as set forth by the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools. More than half of your total training time will be spent in the seat of actual machinery as you apply information obtained in the classroom in the field.

Connect with PTS today and learn how our construction equipment training programs can support your future success. You can schedule a free tour for a $500 tuition discount, or sign up for a spot in the next course, here.

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